Airbnb Hawaii: Top Recommendations for Every Budget

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Hawaii serves as home to the most active volcanoes across the globe. Offering the incredible aloha spirit, it is definitely a unique area with different experiences. Here, you get the opportunity to explore and discover the golden sands, emerald valleys, and the glimmering oceans. The Islands of Aloha makes you get lost in hulas spiritual beauty while Hawaii’s locals exude incredible warmth. Being one of the top travel destinations in the US, Hawaii offers incredible accommodation catering for families and couples. Airbnb Hawaii offers tons of exotic, family-friendly and luxurious accommodation. Here are some of the top recommendations for every budget.

The Best Value Apartments on Airbnb in Hawaii

#1 Kealakekua Bali Cottage

The Kealakekua Bali Cottage is a hidden gem tucked in the Kealakekua Bay. It is nestled beneath a large ficus tree. Serving as the perfect honeymoon cottage on Airbnb in Hawaii, this private setting offers you antique old century vibes. It is crafted with old Bali panels from teak and features unique surfboard decorations on its ceiling. Located only a few steps from the neighborhood Beach Park, you can easily take a stride to the Kealakekua bay to enjoy a swim or snorkel. Taking the top spot as one of the best value apartments on Airbnb in Hawaii, it comes with a gazebo, tropical yard having a pond, tiki torches, and bbq.

#2 Princeville condo

The Princeville condo offers luxury vibes with its gourmet kitchen and zen-like spa showers. The condo features a ground floor one level unit having a dual lanai. Being among the best value apartments on Airbnb in Hawaii, all the houseguests have an incredible access to kids playing ground, tennis court, small gym, putting green, bounce ball, among others. Are you looking for an adventure in Hawaii? The Princeville condo is centrally situated only a few minutes from the hamlet of Hanalei.

Are you looking for a luxurious stay in this tropical island? Here are some of the high-end luxury accommodations on Airbnb Hawaii.

The Best Hawaii AirBnbs if your budget is on the high side

airbnb Hawaii vrbo

#4 Sea Cliff House

If you are looking forward to view the crystal clear waters of hawaii, the sea cliff house offers incredible seaside views from every angle. Newly remodelled, this home was specially created for high relaxation and comfort. Eating breakfast in this heaven gives you the feel of standing in the middle of the ocean. Serving as one on the best Hawaii AirBnbs, this home features a high standard gourmet kitchen in addition to a walnut and quartz glass tile shower. Going for $525 per night, guests are assured of an incredible stay with magnificent views of the Island.

#5 Contemporary Estate

The Contemporary estate is a stunning establishment located on the incredible Verdant Hillside. This secluded property offers a soothing contemporary vibe to Hawaii that gives you incredible relaxation and comfort. Going for $990 every night, you get to enjoy more than 6000sq ft space     amongst the high-end Hawaii AirBnbs, the home incorporates incredible Epicurean touches. Truly being a magnificent masterpiece, this estate will surely offer an impeccable experience having the highest standards of living.

If you are a backpacker looking for a convenient and cheap room for rent, Hawaii Airbnbs got you covered. Here are some of the best rooms for rent if you are on a tight budget.

The Best AirBnb Rooms for Rent in Hawaii if you are on a tight budget

Hawaii view

#6 Hawaiian Shores Private room

The Hawaiian Shores Private room serves as one of the best rooms for rent in Hawaii at an affordable price. Freshly redone having new lighting, paint and carpet, this home has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The home features two other rooms for rent. This means, during your stay, you may share the space with other guests. Going for $22 every night, this home ensures simplicity, cleanliness and high safety. Having a close proximity to the ocean, you can always take a walk for a swim in the ocean.

#7 Tropical Paradise

Are you looking for a touch of luxury on a budget? The tropical paradise offers a 210 sq ft tent that offers a touch of class. Offering you a tropical vibe, guests are assured a close proximity to the nature with a touch of song birds. Charging at $19 per night, the glamping tent incorporates a memory foam mattress, nightstand dresser and a sitting area. All guests are assured  a kitchen and living area with wifi and netflix.

Other than Airbnb, VRBO offers exclusive and top tier accomodation in Hawaii. Here is some accommodation that VRBO has to offer.

VRBO Hawaii: Don’t Miss out The Best VRBO Has to Offer in Hawaii

Hawaii view vrbo

#8 Diamond head

Strategically situated in the quiet Waikiki, the Diamond head is closely located just a few steps from dozens of attractions including the beautiful beach. Serving as one of the best spots in VRBO Hawaii, this building offers access restaurants, a lei stand, teddy’s burgers, massage and nail salon among others. Going of $109 a night, this studio features 3 sleeps and a bathroom.

#9 Ocean View hotel

This high floor hotel on VRBO Hawaii offers the perfect ocean view. Perfect for a birthday retreat, senior holiday or just an awesome vacation, this spot serves as a spectacular holiday destination. It is situated in a serene environment having the best mix of high luxury brand shopping with exotic hawaiian fusion restaurants.

Average Airbnb rent in Hawaii

Of all then 378 active airbnbs, the average airbnb rent in hawaii ranges at $122 every night. Out of the 378 rentals, 41 of them are under $50 every night, 172 rentals range between $50-$100 every night while 184 of those rentals cost above $ 100 per night.

Places to Visit in Hawaii!

For most people, hawaii serves as the vacation of a lifetime where the dream of a tropical paradise comes to life. It offers luxurious surf sun and strip adventures. Hawaii serves as an archipelago of eight islands. The great maui crater offers an otherworldly appearance featuring coloured sands , cinder cones and blood red rocks. The Haleiwa neighbourhood is indeed a surfers paradise. It makes the perfect area to enjoy a sunny day by the beach. Additionally, its nearness to restaurants and shops attracts both tourists and locals.

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