Airbnb in Los Angeles: The Complete Guide for 2019

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Disneyland. Hollywood Boulevard. Venice Beach. Getty Museum. Los Angeles is the city of dreams and eternal sunshine. The La La Land harbors creative thoughts and dares people to pursue their aspiration in the entertainment industry.

Mother Nature also takes a great liking of the city and blesses it with golden beaches, rugged mountains, hillsides, and a cheerful sunny disposition. The architectural abundance will blow your mind. The mash-up of structures include everything from Egyptian tombs to Chinese temples.

Los Angeles is an exciting city, brimming with energy and possibility. If you are thinking of paying a visit, the Airbnb Los Angeles could be the best place to look for suitable accommodations.

The Best Value Apartments on Airbnb in Los Angeles

You have to be rich to experience a one-of-a-kind vacation – the saying is nothing but a myth! Sure, you can be extravagant and stay on a private island or a historical splendor. But, there is no need to spend a fortune when you have these renting options available:

#1 House near LAX Yard

Tucked away in a lovely family neighborhood, the three-bedroom house is in a close distance to the LAX airport. There are a fully-equipped kitchen and living room with entertainment facilities (a TV with Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions).

The huge backyard and back patio with seating arrangement are great spots for spending your free time. However, be aware of the continuous sound of airplanes taking off at the the airport.

  • Guests: 06
  • Price: $165/night

#2 Echo Park Hideaway

Sitting on a tranquil Echo Park hill, the house is a nice hideout for anyone looking for a peaceful place for work or relaxation. Although located in a quiet spot, the residence is not far from the actions – nightlife, wine bars, restaurants, shopping, and more. The Echo Lake is just five minutes of walking distance while you can go to the Downtown by car.

The house has a fully-equipped kitchen, entertainment options, laundry zone, picnic table, and a BBQ area. However, nothing can beat the backyard seating arrangement by the delighted tangerine tree. The host does not mind you picking fruits (when in season).

  • Guests: 02
  • Price: $160/night

The Best Los Angeles AirBnbs if your budget is on the high side

Los angeles airbnb

Los Angeles is the heart of the country’s film and television industry. It is the city that numerous movie stars call their home. So, you will find plenty of expensive houses for rent if you want to.

#3 1920s Spanish-Style Home

Featured on Airbnb Plus, the house is located in the heart of Los Angeles – the Hollywood. You will find the iconic Melrose Avenue, Hancock Park, and a flurry of restaurants, shops, and other establishments nearby.

The 1920s Spanish-style home has a distinct character that fits right with the upbeat Hollywood spirit. The wooden statues, splendid textures, and eclectic decor along with the garden patio and lighted entrance work together to create a deluxe ambiance.

  • Guests: 04
  • Price: $399/night

#4 Hollywood Bungalow House

Sanding quietly in the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood, the bungalow is a historic beauty from the 1930s. it offers a nice view of the iconic Hollywood sign and the gorgeous California evenings. You will get easy access to the Sunset Boulevard and local attractions.

The home has a full kitchen, dining room, outdoor space, patio, and a saltwater pool when you need a break from the heat.

  • Guests: 04
  • Price: $545/night

The Best AirBnb Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles if you are on a tight budget

The Airbnb Los Angeles allows you to be thrifty if you want to. Inexpensive rentals are available at every prime location. The following options will be perfect for those who like to pack light and travel solo.

#5 Private Room Near LAX

Located close to the LAX airport, the single room can be a great lodging option for a quick one night stay before your departure. You can hang out for a couple of days too because the location is nice. There are LA bus routes run from here to almost everywhere – to the Hollywood, Downtown, Santa Monica, Venice, and more.

  • Guests: 01
  • Price: $35/night

#6 A Private Room in Los Feliz

Located in a trendy neighborhood, the Los Feliz accommodation is close to public transportation, restaurants, and shops. The bedroom has a queen-size bed, a walk-in wardrobe, a balcony, and a separate bathroom. The balcony has a small seating arrangement so you can enjoy the breakfast or morning coffee there.

  • Guests: 02
  • Price: $55/night

VRBO Los Angeles: Don’t Miss out The Best VRBO Has to Offer in Los Angeles

Apart from the Airbnb in Los Angeles, VRBO also provides plenty of renting choices without blowing your budget.

#7 Cottage Retreat in Silver Lake

The cute cottage is in Silver Lake, which is between the Downtown and Hollywood. The house is just two blocks away from the music venues, restaurants, cafes, and wine bars in the Sunset Junction. However, you can cook if you want as the cottage has a full kitchen with a dine-in counter. It has a private yard too if you like to have some ‘me’ time without anyone peeking at.

  • Guests: 04
  • Price: $150

#8 A Private Guest House

If you want to live in a private, quiet, and clean lodging during your Los Angeles vacation, choose this guest house in the diverse neighborhood of Palms. The 406 sq. ft. bungalow is in the backyard surrounded by beautiful landscape. There is a private patio with lounge decorated with cafe lights and a table for two. The interior has a king bed, full-size kitchen, and bathroom.

  • Guests: 04
  • Price: $104

Average Airbnb rent in Los Angeles

Currently, the Airbnb Los Angeles boasts of more than 16,700 listings and almost 65% of them are entire houses.

Los Angeles is an expensive city so it is expected that the rentals will be costly here. However, despite the exorbitant lifestyle, the average Airbnb rent is $180. Miami and Boston are the two most high-priced cities in terms of Airbnb rentals.

Places to Visit in Los Angeles!

The LA is a vibrant metropolis filled with renowned movie stars, musicians, and wannabe artists. It has an unforgettable nightlife, great shopping scenario, and a great food scene.

If you want to know about the attractions, the city has plenty of it. Go for a Disneyland trip – the happiest place on earth – or take a trip to the Hollywood Boulevard to see the Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theater, and sidewalk street performers. The Downtown is worth of a day trip with its booming Arts District, Boyle Heights, Broadway theaters, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and more.

Los Angeles AirBnbs: Accommodation Everywhere

You need good accommodation when you want to explore a city. The Airbnb Los Angeles solves that problem by offering vacation rentals at every important spot and at fairly unfamiliar places.

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