Airbnb Miami: Top Recommendations for Every Budget

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Miami is the shiny, sun-kissed city standing on the southeastern tip of Florida. The
art-deco paradise is overshadowed with Cuban influence. You will see plenty of cigar
shops and Cuban-themed cafes in Little Havana.

The vivacious Miami lifestyle encourages everyone to have fun in a setting that is
brimming with nostalgic past charms and cutting-edge adventures. You will love the
burgeoning art scenes, numerous beach activities, couture-filled streets of the
Design District, eclectic cuisine, and trend-setting nightlife.

If you are traveling Miami and scared of the soaring hotel costs, the Airbnb Miami is
here to the rescue. There’s no need to splurge on Miami Beach’s lavish hotels or the
historic retreats of Coral Gables. You will have more choices in the Airbnb at every
price point.

The Best Value Apartments on Airbnb in Miami

The vacation rentals in some cities offer more bang for your buck than others. Miami
might be expensive but Airbnb still offers numerous affordable listings that will keep
you recharged for the next day’s activities.

Airbnb Miami 3

#1 The Beach House

The newly renovated Miami Beach house is perfect for a group vacation. The quiet
neighborhood is the home to many restaurants and shops. It will be less than $10 in
Uber fare to the Wynwood area and most of the South Beach spots.
The large home is equipped with plasma TVs, Jacuzzi tub, workspace, free parking,
and a friendly host. The large backyard area has a private deck and seems great for
BBQ grilling.
Guests: 08
Price: $315/night

#2 Corner Condo

The well-furnished, modern condominium offers everything that you can ask for
while on a vacation. Wake up[ to the picturesque views of the bay and Miami River
and then head downstairs either for a relaxing swim, a yoga class, or a Zumba dance.
The entertainment could not be any better with TVs featuring more than 200
channels and 50MB Wi-Fi connection.
Guests: 05
Price: $310/night

The Best Miami AirBnbs if your budget is on the high side

Miami has no lack of expensive Airbnb Miami listings that excel the grandeur and
the lavishness of luxurious hotels. When you want to have fun with your gang in style or
throw a grand event, consider these high-end options.

Airbnb Miami 2

#3 Luxury Waterfront Villa

The waterfront mansion offers convenience at its finest! The two-story house is
tucked away in an upscale neighborhood. It is a secured gated community and the
entire property is equipped with multiple safety measures.
You can book for the New Year’s Eve and other holidays at a special rate. If you are
throwing a party, each extra guest will cost only $25 per night.
Guests: 15
Price: $2,000/night

#4 Two-Story Villa

The gated two-story villa is beaming with modern decorations and euro-chic designs.
It is a blessing for those who want to escape the traffic and nightlife of Downtown
Miami but still stay close enough to everything that the city has to offer
The luxurious house offers all the amenities. You will certainly enjoy the complete
privacy of the outdoor pool and cabanas.
Guests: 16+
Price: $1,774/night

The Best Airbnb Rooms for Rent in Miami if you are on a tight budget

Airbnb Miami 1

Miami’s glitzy facade should not scare the budget travelers because affordable
options are available everywhere. It just requires a bit of work to find them. Check
these two options if you are looking for cheap accommodation.

#5 A Quiet Oasis

Looking for a unique place to stay during your Miami vacation? How does a
remodeled trailer in a 1933 Log Cabin sound? Perfect, right?
The trailer offers a relaxing dwelling place without cutting off any modern amenities.
You will have access to TV, DVD, sound speakers, Wi-Fi, and free parking space. The
recent additions of a heated swimming pool and hot tub surrounded by a lush
the tropical garden sounds like lots of fun.
Guests: 02
Price: $60/night

#6 Spacious Studio Suite

The executive suite in the heart of Miami seems to be the perfect hideout for solo
travelers and couples. Located in a safe and quiet residential area, it is in the close
distance to Calle OCHO, Coral Gables, and the Airport. Some great restaurants and
dazzling nightlife are also not very far away.
The room with a private bathroom is isolated from the rest of the house, providing
privacy to the guests.
Guest: 02
Price: $56/night

VRBO Miami: Don’t Miss out The Best VRBO Has to Offer in Miami

Miami VRBO
Other than the Airbnb Miami, the VRBO rental service offers accommodations that
help the holidayers to stay in style.

#7 A Secluded Loft

You can literally smell the ocean while living in this isolated, quiet, modern beach
house. The oceanside deck is a great spot to watch dolphins while busking under the
sun. The heated pool and outdoor dining area are great for enjoying some quality
family time.
Guests: 04
Price: $500/night

#8 High-rise Condo in Downtown

Located on the 19th floor, the condo exudes hints of luxury with the marble flooring,
incredible bay views from the balcony, and ceiling-to-floor glass windows.
The building complex has amenities that you may expect in a five-star hotel. You will
have the facility of 24/7 concierge service and security, outdoor swimming pool,
boutique shops, restaurants, beauty salon, and more.
Guests: 04
Price: $220/night

Average Airbnb rent in Miami

Bloomberg has released an annual index of Airbnb rental costs. Guess which city has
topped the list? It is not Sydney, the Singapore City, or Tel Aviv – some of the most
expensive cities in the world.
Surprisingly, the name is Miami, and six of the top 20 entries belong to the United

You have to spend $205/night on an average to stay in an Airbnb in Miami. Boston
lurks just behind with $195/night while Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and
Washington DC also scored a spot on the list.
However, Airbnb’s in-house data suggests a lower rate. The rates are different
because Bloomberg factors in all the active listings on the site while Airbnb counts
only the booked listings.

Places to Visit in Miami!

Miami is known as the ‘winter getaway’ for thousands of Americans due to its
tropical weather. The popular vacation destination offers colorful marine life, a wide
range of water activities, and lush tropical vegetation.
Stroll across the Art Deco District to enjoy the views of the historical buildings and
spaceship-like architecture, shop in the super-posh Design District or visit the
numerous museums and parks.
If you want to enjoy something unique, go to the Little Havana – the heart of the
city’s Cuban community. The place is bustling with traditional eateries, cigar bars,
pocket parks, and eager tourists.

Airbnb in Miami – Fresh Accommodation Choices

Being worried about the hotel expenses and other costs won’t allow you to unravel
the extravagant charms of Miami. But, the Airbnb Miami brings a fresh perspective
when it comes to accommodation. Choose the type of lodging that you feel
comfortable in, at your desired location, and at a budget that suits you.

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