Airbnb Montreal: Top Recommendations for Every Budget

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Montreal takes the second spot as the most populous municipality within Canada.

Among all its 1.65 million inhabitants, the city has fashion lovers, travelers, graffiti artists, and renowned chefs. Ranging from its modern festivities to its centuries-old landmarks, this city combines both a classic and contemporary vibe. Taking a stroll along the Old Port neighborhood, you can feast your eyes on the incredible Notre-Dame Basilica. Additionally, its Mount Royal provides a haven where city people can meet in the outdoors and enjoy a great time. Montreal serves as a great place to reside. As a tourist or a traveler, Airbnb Montreal offers a wide range of living possibilities. 

The Best Value Apartments on Airbnb in Montreal

#1 Montreal DreamLoft

If you’re looking to enjoy the perfect summer days in Montreal, this spacious and bright loft is the ultimate Airbnb in Montreal. This unique space serves as the best space for friends and family looking forward to enjoying quality time in the middle of the plateau. It features an outside rooftop patio where you can enjoy some BBQ time with the family. The loft is situated in a central area where you can access just about everything. Going for $95 per night, you get the chance to stay in a place with a lot of character and style.

#2 Eco Studio Plateau

Eco Studio Plateau Airbnb MontrealThis LEED platinum studio on Airbnb in Montreal is the haven located in the heart of Montreal. Its architecture combines the Victorian character having contemporary hints. Recently transformed into the ultimate home, its space comes with a fully functioning ethanol fireplace, slate and hardwood flooring, and brick and plaster walls. Rating at $72 per night, you get access to an incredibly large patio, parking spot, Mexican style restroom, queen size bed, and a sofa bed.

The Best Montreal AirBnbs if your budget is on the high side

#4 High-End Downtown Loft

If you’re looking for a high-end Montreal Airbnb, this trendy loft features a luxurious NY style design. With its high windows, high ceilings, hardwood floors historic concrete and Italian kitchenware, this spot are unbeaten in class and sophistication. It is strategically located near the central station and the Square Victoria metro station. Going for $117 every night, you are assured of an incredible stay with peaceful weekends and evenings.

#5 Luxury Downtown Condo

Sitting just a few minutes from the famous Old Montreal and Catherine Street, this condo among Montreal Airbnb that is closest to the best amenities. This brand new Condo is furnished with the most unique facilities such as a sauna, yoga room, meeting room, entertainment room, outdoor pool, and an incredible terrace. Going for $105 per night, this condo combines astonishing luxury and style.

H2: The Best Airbnb Rooms for Rent in Montreal if you are on a tight budget

#6 Shared studio Montreal

If you’re on a tight budget, this clean and fantastic studio for sharing located in the heart of Downtown Montreal serves as the best rooms for rent in Montreal. Ideal for interns and students wanting to save a buck, it goes for $11 every night. This is the most budget-friendly option. It’s situated next to essential amenities like the metro, and grocery stores.

#7 Vintage room

This private bedroom is within a 3-bedroom apartment located on the front of Notre-Dame-de- Grace park. Going for $13 every night, this room comes with a twin bed, shared bedroom and bathroom. Additionally, the kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment. It is situated close to the CUSM hospital and Metro.

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#8 Luxurious Downtown Condo

Featuring a large private balcony, two bedrooms, and one bathroom, this is one of the most luxurious condos on VRBO Montreal. It combines numerous recreational activities like lounge party rooms, athletic center, rooftop pool, and fitness area. Situated in an unparalleled location just in the heart of Montreal, this $81 per night room is steps from shopping stores, incredible nightlife, public transport, luxurious dining and concert venues.

#9 Gallery 2

The Gallery 2 on VRBO Montreal is a meticulously refurbished and designed old century building. This second-floor apartment with two bedrooms goes for $93 every night and is an ideal home away from home. It features a living room, open kitchen dining, large deck, master bedroom, and another bedroom. Fully equipped with all the necessities, the kitchen is the ultimate haven.

Average Airbnb rent in Montreal

The average Airbnb rent in Montreal is $79 every night. For all the 6,360 Airbnb rentals available, 2695 are below the $50 scale, 2590 range between $50-$100 while 1075 locations are higher than $100.

Places to Visit in Montreal!

Montreal is an incredible city having a long history of international trade and cosmopolitan culture. Owing to its history, there are numerous places to visit in Montreal ranging from its geographical features, landmarks, monuments, shopping districts, and its nightclubs. The geography of Montreal is an incredibly diverse one. Taking its name from its most prominent feature, the three head hill, Mount Royal. It serves as a must visit when you are looking to explore the area. The Mont Royal features acres of a forested mountain that provides habitat to numerous animals and birds. Being the home to a unique blend of modern and historic architecture, Montreal combines the most iconic monuments. The Notre-Dame Basilica serves as the most popular attractions having a gothic style architecture.

Montreal city is a place of numerous neighborhoods characterized by distinctive and unique charm. The Quartier Latin is an incredible neighborhood having an energetic vibe and houses. It boasts a high concentration of the best hangouts such as theatres, restaurant, and bars. If you’re looking to enjoy Montreal by night, then the Quartier Latin is your perfect location for the nightlife. The Vieux Montreal serves as the most touristy neighborhood within Montreal. Its buildings feature incredible architecture. Here, you get to explore its incredible galleries and electric shops.

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