Airbnb Paris: Your rental guide to the city of love

Paris is by far one of the most exceptional cities in the world to visit. The mixture of rich historical landmarks with modern architecture makes it a haven for travelers all over the world seeking to fulfill their inner craving for discovering.

Whether you are looking to visit the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe or the famous Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris, Paris has everything to satisfy even the most well-traveled person.

The Hotel index in 2017 mentioned Paris as the third most popular city visited by tourists.

Now my question is, why limit yourself to a hotel room with standardized catering when you can experience the true, authentic Paris and its untamed hospitality by renting local accommodations through sites like Airbnb and VRBO.

To help you find your way around the millions of listings posted on Airbnb, we have put together a list of the top Airbnb accommodations to be found in Paris.

The best Airbnb in Paris for the rich and famous

1. Les Terrasses de la Tour Eiffel – Eiffel Terraces in Île-de-France

So you have some extra cash to through around and want to find prime Airbnb accommodation in Paris overlooking some of the most famous landmarks.

Well, look no further, because we have found your perfect match. For a shy fee of €1,136 per night, The Eiffel Terraces can be yours.

It has floor to ceiling windows that open up onto a huge balcony overlooking the Eiffel tower, and the dining room, living room, and kitchen have an uninterrupted view of the iconic landmark of Paris.

2. MAGNIFICENT barge front of LOUVRE in Île-de-France

Why have ordinary vacations if you can have an extraordinary one.

This Airbnb property is a beautifully recovered and maintained Dutch barge that is moored in the center of Paris.

It brags about a panoramic view of the Louvre and is walking distance from all great attractions.

The inside haul is beautifully decorated and has all the amenities of a five-star hotel.

For those of you that are book lovers, this listing is right up your alley.

3.10 BR Luxury House for 29 guests in Paris-Versailles

Live large in the center of Paris and step back in time by booking this amazing 23-bedroom Airbnb house, located nearby the Arc de Triomphe (+/- 1.3km) and the Eiffel Tower (+/- 1.8km) in Paris.

Its spacious garden and rustic, yet luxurious interior makes you feel as if you just dropped into a 1700 movie and that you need to throw on your best “robe à la française” (Victorian gown), or in the guys case, a “habit à la française” (waistcoat tights and frock coat) and host a lavish ball for all the aristocrats.

The best part about this property is that it can easily host up to 29 people.

It is also an amazing quiet breakaway retreat for you and your loved one to the center of busy Paris.

The Best Paris Airbnbs in Île-de-France.

1. On the garden… in Île-de-France.

If you are looking to visit the busy city of Paris but also needing an escape from the chaos after a long day of walking and sightseeing then this little hidden treasure is the perfect accommodation for you.

The modernly renovated interior flows gracefully out into a well-manicured garden that is perfect for those who seek a little peace and quiet.

The best part about this property is that it is about a 20min walk from all the great landmarks. At a €156 per night, it’s an absolute steal.

2. Lovely flat near Eiffel Tower and Invalides in Île-de-France.

This accommodation boasts about its proximity to the Eiffel tower and Les Invalides, two of the “must see” landmarks of Paris.

It is allocated in a beautiful neighborhood, and you are 10min walk away from these amazing attractions mentioned above.

The location is perfect, and even though it is small, it has all the amenities that you will need for your visit to Paris.

All of that, at the unbeatable price of only €92 per night for the full apartment.

3. Disneyland Paris 70m² face Parc, place Ariane in Île-de-France.

Don’t think that we have forgotten about you young of heart, Disneyland lovers.

Local Airbnb Accommodation is the best route to go if you are planning to spend your holidays in Disney Paris.

There are no eating hours that you have to stick to and it is easy to prepare lunch boxes for the kids, whereas in hotels, this is pretty much impossible.

This 70m² apartment easily sleeps 9 people and is the perfect match for a big family or even 3 couples with 3 kids.

This spacious, modern accommodation is allocated in front of the metro to Disney, and next to a shopping mall that has everything you need.

So if you don’t mind joining 3 families to have a crowded few days in Disneyland Paris, this listing is for you.

The Best Airbnb Rooms for Rent in Paris if you are on a budget.

1. Small Cosy Bright Studio near Eiffel Tower in Île-de-France.

Cozy, cheap and central. These are the best words to describe this accommodation.

If you like your privacy and don’t necessarily want to stay over in another person’s house, this is an option for you.

It is a small studio that has all the amenities you need, including a small kitchenette, fold-up bed, and bathroom.

The studio is allocated in the heart of Paris and at the unbeatable price of 35euros per night, it is a definite win.

2. Chambre privée en Plein center de Paris in Île-de-France.

If you are planning to spend 90% of your time in Paris exploring and the other 10% sleeping, the only thing that you really need is a comfy bed and a shower.

Budget Rooms in Paris AirbnbThis shared Airbnb accommodation in Paris is allocated in an old Parisian building but is well maintained.

The room is private but the tenant himself shares the bathroom with the guest.

It is a 20min drive to the Eiffel Tower and 15min drive to the Louvre museum.

At 45 euros per night for a maximum of 2 people, you can relax and revive your tired body after a long day of walking.

3.La petite chaumière parisienne in Île-de-France.

For the small amount of 32 euros per night, you and 3 more people can rent this accommodation.

That brings it down to a crazy 8 euros per person per night. Yes, it is small, but it is equipped with everything that you need including a small kitchenette, a private room, and a shower.

The metro station is only a few minutes walk away from the accommodation which makes it one of our top choices for affordable accommodation in Paris.

VRBO Paris: Consider These from VRBO too.

1. Incredible Eiffel Tower Views on the Seine River – Penthouse.

Let’s have a look at luxury accommodation on VRBO that has the best view and is the closest to some of Paris’s landmarks.

This amazing penthouse boasts over a huge terrace that overlooks the Eiffel Tower.

It has and has an uninterrupted, 360-degree view over Paris.

The luxurious modern finishes and attention to small detail make this listing a must book.

2. Very quiet studio in busy commercial street.

This tiny, cozy listing is one of the most affordable listings on VRBO. Even though it is small and with only the bare necessities, it is perfectly located for the traveler and adventure seeker.

Located in a lively commercial street of Paris grants you easy access to the Eiffel Tower and the Cathedrale Notre-Dame.

It is perfect for 2 people and who are traveling on a budget but still looking for comfort.

3. Marais – Unique ‘Country Cottage in Heart of Paris’ Romantic Garden Apartment.

Coming across this listing was like finding one of Paris’s hidden treasures.

Tugged away in between the hustle and bustle of busy Paris exist this small little haven.

The cottage leads out onto a quiet welcoming garden. This is the perfect wind down after a long day of strolling through Paris.

The rugged edges of the olden days, beautifully preserved and renovated into a modern cottage, brings about the sensation of peace and harmony.

This allows you to truly experience old Paris but with a modern touch.

Not convinced yet?

After looking through all the local accommodations to be found in Paris, I finally understand why they Traveling to Pariscall it the city of love.

You might not necessarily fall in love with someone, but after spending one day exploring all the amazing landmarks and rich history, to then return home to these amazing accommodations, will make you for sure fall in love with Paris.

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