Atlanta CityPass: All you need to know!

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Atlanta is the capital of the USA state of Georgia. Famous for its hospitality, it attracts new residents and travelers alike.

With so many things to see in the city of Atlanta, you can make use of money- and time-saving card. If the idea appeals to you, secure the Atlanta CityPASS.

What is CityPASS

CityPass is like a travel voucher you buy before you visit a city. It lets you enjoy major destinations at a big discount on entry tickets. A whopping 50% off on regular ticket prices in not uncommon with CityPass. Equally important, you benefit of the priority entry to many attractions.

How to buy CityPass for Atlanta


  • Atlanta Adult CityPass (13+) – $76, plus taxes that cost around $8 per person.
  • Atlanta Child CityPass (3-12) – $61, plus taxes costing around $5.5 per person.

Discount and coupons for Atlanta CityPass

No discounts and coupons are available for the city card of Atlanta.

Atlanta CityPass Groupon

No groupons are available for the Atlanta city pass.

Where to buy Atlanta CityPass

You can buy the official city pass of the ATL online or at any of the participating attractions.

If you buy online, you can order the delivery via e-mail or shipping. Print the voucher the CityPASS sent you and present it at the first attraction you visit. There, you will receive the booklet. Or, you can order a mobile ticket. The CityPass will send you a barcode you present when visiting the attractions. If you opt for shipping of the booklet, extra charges may apply.

Your VIP All Access to Major Atlanta Attractions

The city card of the Athens of the South covers seven attractions. Of these, the CNN Center, World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium are the attractions you can visit regardless of others. Of the remaining four, the Atlanta pass allows you to visit two. A visit to the Zoo Atlanta excludes visiting the Center for Civil and Human Rights. You also need to choose between the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and the College Football Hall of Fame.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is among the top attractions in the USA. It is the world’s largest aquarium, displaying many fascinating marine species. Whale sharks and rays are a few of many exotic inhabitants here. Adventurers can snorkel with sharks.

World of Coca-Cola

The World of Coca-Cola guides its visitors through the history of one of the world’s most iconic brands. Entertainment is the essential part of the experience. During the process, you will have a chance to concoct your own drink.

CNN Studio Tours

The CNN Studio Tours allow you to jump in the skin of a reporter and learn the secrets of the broadcasting. Among other interesting things, the tour reveals how the weather is predicted.

Zoo Atlanta

The Zoo Atlanta is home to many rare species you don’t get to see often. Besides giant pandas, Japanese raccoon dogs and gorillas are among the complex’s residents. The zoo offers an opportunity for visitors to interact with some animals.

Center for Civil and Human Rights

The CCHR spotlights the struggle for human rights that took place in the last century. It honors meritorious personalities, such as Martin Luther King, displaying their personal items. Many interactive contents are a part of the display.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The FMNH displays the world as it used to be once. Behold enormous dinosaurs, enjoy yourself in entertaining areas and walk the fossil-covered path.

College Football Hall of Fame

If you are a fan of sports, you’ll enjoy visiting the College Football Hall of Fame. The complex displays a huge collection of helmets of every college team in the USA. You can also put your football skills to the test here.

Top 3 reasons to get an Atlanta CityPass

The useful city card of Atlanta provides various advantages to its holders.

1.  Saving money and time while visiting Atlanta

The price you pay for visiting the attractions is significantly higher if you don’t have the Atlanta CityPASS card.

  • The Georgia Aquarium tickets: $27-$36, depending on the time of visit.
  • The World of Coca-Cola tickets: adults (13-64) – $17; seniors (65+) – $15, youth (3-12) – $13.
  • The CNN Behind-the-Scenes Tour tickets: adults (19-64) – $15; seniors (65+) – $14; students (13-18) – $14; children (4-12) – $12.
  • The Atlanta Zoo online tickets (a few $ cheaper than at the gate): adults (12+) – $23; seniors (65+) – $19; children (3-11) – $17. Tickets for students are available only at the gate – $22.
  • The Center for Civil and Human Rights tickets: adults (18-64) – $20; youth (7-12) – $16; students (13-17) and seniors (65+) – $18.
  • The Fernbank Museum of Natural History tickets: adults (13-64) – $27; seniors (65+) – $25; children (3-12) – $23.
  • The College Football Hall of Fame tickets: adults (13-64) – $22; seniors (65+) and students (with ID) – $19; children (3-12) – $18.

With the official city card of Atlanta you pay about 40% less for visiting 5 attractions. The price of the adult pass is around $84 with the taxes included. The cost of the children pass, with related extra expenses, is around $67.

2.  Avoid long ticket lines

The city pass of the Athens of the South entitles you to avoid queuing at some attractions. Present the card at the Georgia Aquarium and the Zoo Atlanta to benefit of the fast-track entry. Get your time-specific ticket at the CNN Center.

3.  Accessibility if you need it

  • The Georgia Aquarium is accessible to people with disability issues. If you need a wheelchair, you can borrow one. Plus, you can navigate through with strollers.
  • The Coca-Cola World is user friendly for disabled people. Additionally, service dogs may assist you. If needed, borrow a wheelchair at the entrance for free.
  • People with special needs get assistance during the CNN Studio tours. To obtain it, you need to make a reservation 3 days in advance. The phone number is (404) 827-2300.
  • Aside from some steep sections, the Zoo Atlanta is wheelchair accessible. Service dogs may enter the complex. If you don’t have a wheelchair, you have an opportunity to rent one.
  • The CCHR is user friendly to people with special needs. You can also use strollers with efficiency. Wheelchairs are available for borrowing absent charge.
  • The FMNH is fully accessible to people with mobility issues. Free wheelchairs are available.
  • The College Football Hall of Fame is also wheelchair accessible. Free wheelchairs are on offer on a first come, first served basis.

Atlanta pass for couples and families

The Atlanta City Pass only distributes adult and child passes. There is no family pass on offer. Some attractions provide free or discounted admissions for very young kids. Yet, you will need to wait in line to enjoy the advantage, even if your card grants you a priority entry.

Does Atlanta travel voucher cover special exhibitions?

Holders of the city card may attend some special exhibitions absent extra cost. To see others, you need to upgrade the ticket at the place you visit.

Suggested travel Itinerary with Atlanta CityPass

One day pass for Atlanta

Do you have just 1 day to visit the Athens of the South? The Zoo Atlanta and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History are somewhat sidelined. Hence, you should focus on other attractions, which are near each other. Here is how your itinerary should look like:

Begin your tour of the Georgia Aquarium (up to three hours) during morning hours. Then, visit the neighboring World of Coca-Cola around noon (allocate two hours). Afterward, spend between an hour and two at the Center for Civil and Human Rights or the College Football Hall of Fame starting from 2 pm. Finally, join the CNN tour around 4 pm.

Two day Atlanta pass

Two days are quite enough for visiting 5 attractions of the ATL at an easy pace.

Begin your first day by visiting the Fernbank Museum of Natural History (three hours) or the College Football Hall of Fame (two hours) in the morning. If you have chosen the Fernbank, plan about 45 minutes to reach the downtown by the public transportation. Around noon, visit the Georgia Aquarium (three hours). After mid-afternoon (3 pm), take the 50-minute Behind-the-Scenes tour of the CNN.

On the second day, visit the Atlanta Zoo (over three hours) or the Civil and Human Rights Center (two hours) first. Allow up to an hour to get from the zoo to the city center. For the afternoon, schedule a tour of the World of Coca-Cola (two hours at least).

Three-day travel plan for Atlanta

By allowing at least 3 days for a visit to Atlanta, you have plenty of time to tour the city’s top attractions. Except for the Fernbank and the Zoo, all other attractions are near one another.

The FMNH (three hours) or the College Football Hall of Fame (two hours) should be the first attraction you visit. Allow an additional hour to get to the downtown from the Fernbank. Then, spend an afternoon at the Georgia Aquarium (three hours at least).

Reserve the first half of the second day for touring the Atlanta Zoo (3+ hours) or the CCHR (2+ hours). Afterward, take the 50-minute CNN Studio tour.

On the third day of your stay in the ATL, take a tour of the World of Coca-Cola (2+ hours).

Will you try the ultimate Atlanta travel voucher?

With everything elaborated so far, having the ATL city card should prove very useful. Other than savings and fast-track entries to some attractions, the pass grants certain discounts at some stores. Come to think of it, I find the Atlanta City Pass rather extremely than very useful. How about you?

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