Boston City Pass: The All-Important Card if you Are a Tourist in Boston

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Boston is an oceanfront city and the capital of the US state of Massachusetts. Renowned for its colonial and revolutionary past, it is a popular destination for people interested in history. Also, its modern architecture proves the Bean Town’s orientation toward the future. The city of Boston is also an intellectual center, with prestigious Harvard University and MIT located here. You will navigate through the city with ease since it is small and well connected by an efficient transportation network. Thus, it caters to travelers greatly since getting between attractions never takes much time.

While in Boston, you will entertain yourself, eat well and enjoy great sightseeing. Visit the city’s acclaimed art galleries and buy a ticket for the Celtics’, Patriots’ or Red Sox’s game. Above all, get your bearings to the New England Aquarium, Skywalk Observatory and the Museum of Science for a premium experience. Besides, treat yourself with an oceanfront cruise and tour museums of Harvard.

To explore Boston and nearby Cambridge like a pro, save time and keep the money, make use of the Boston CityPASS. Take a friend with you since the card saves you half the money you would otherwise spend.

What is CityPASS

CityPASS is an established company that makes traveling easy going and entertaining. With their city card in your pocket, you do more with your money. Pay a visit to top attractions of any of the participating city and save enough for an exquisite dinner along the way. Many cities in the USA popular among holidaymakers acknowledged the concept. New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and Seattle are just some of them.

How to buy CityPass for Boston


  • Boston adult city pass (12+) – $59
  • Boston child city pass (3-11) – $47

Discount and coupons for Boston CityPass

Discounts and coupons for the city card of Boston aren’t available.

Boston CityPass groupon

Groupons for the Boston CityPass aren’t available.

Where to buy Boston CityPass

You can buy the Boston city card online or when visiting the attraction included in the Boston CityPass.

To make an online purchase, land on the official website of the Boston CityPASS. Scroll a bit and notice the blue box with the available cards on the right side. Choose the type and quantity you need and select the “Add to Cart” button. Then, choose the payment and delivery methods. The delivery via email is free. All you need to do is print the voucher and present it at any of the five Boston attractions to claim the booklet. Or you can order the booklet, but its delivery incurs shipping costs.

Your VIP All Access to Major Boston Attractions

The official city card of Boston covers five top attractions of Bean Town. The New England Aquarium, Boston Harbor, Skywalk Observatory and the Museum of Science are all in Boston. The Harvard Museum of Natural History is in Cambridge, the city just across the River Charles. You can get between the attractions in the city of Boston by walking (up to 40 minutes) with ease. A journey to the Harvard Museum takes no more than 30 minutes by public transportation from any of these attractions. Note that visiting the Harvard Museum of Natural History prevents taking part in the Boston Harbor Cruises cruise and vice versa.

New England Aquarium

New England Aquarium Boston CityPass

The New England Aquarium is an entertaining and educational facility suitable for all ages. Around 20,000 aquatic creatures representing over 500 species live in the aquarium. Among other marine beings, you can examine sharks, seals and turtles. Also, you can get personal with some of them during diving activities. See a movie in the IMAX Theater and attend a seal training.

Museum of Science

The Museum of Science features interactive displays and exhibits spanning various departments. Astronomy, zoology and technology are a few of them. Several hundred hands-on-exhibits take museum’s visitors into the world of discovery and entertainment. Animal performances and live demonstrations take place every day. The Science Museum has the Butterfly Garden where you are free to take a walk.

Skywalk Observatory

The Skywalk Observatory, located on the 50th floor of the Prudential Building, is another top attraction of Bean Town. It offers 360-degree views of Boston and its surroundings. Admire the cityscape, locate attractions of the city and listen to an informative multimedia tour. Bring your camera to take photos of the river, ocean, islands and the harbor.

Boston Harbor Cruises


The cruise by Boston Harbor Cruises is a journey through the Massachusetts capital’s past and present. The commentary reveals various facts about the city of Boston. While sailing, take photos of the city skyline and admire colonial-era buildings amidst modern structures. Take particular note of the Gardiner Building, dating back to 1760, and the Custom House Block.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

The Harvard Museum of Natural History has an outstanding collection of exhibits. A giant 40-meter long dinosaur is among its highlights. Other interesting sections display wildlife native to New England and Africa, and rare minerals and gemstones. Here, you can also learn the timeline of the Earth.

Top 3 reasons to get a Boston CityPass

As a holder of the city card of Boston, you enjoy significant benefits such as:

1.  Saving money and time while visiting Boston

Compare regular fares for visiting Boston attractions and the price of the official city pass.

  • The New England Aquarium tickets: adults (12-59) – $28; seniors (60+) – $26; children (3-11) – $19.
  • The Museum of Science tickets: adults (12-59) – $28 (plus $10 for the on-site planetarium and theater each); seniors (60+) – $24 (plus $9 for the on-site planetarium and theater each); children (3-11) – $23 (plus $8 for the on-site planetarium and theater each).
  • The Skywalk Observatory tickets: adults (13-61) – $20; seniors (62+) and students – $16; children (3-12) – $14.
  • The Historic Sightseeing Cruise (Boston Harbor Cruises) tickets: adults (12-64) – $30; seniors (65+) – $28; children (3-11) – $26.
  • The Harvard Museum of Natural History tickets: adults (19-64) – $15; seniors (65+) – $13; children (3-18) and non-Harvard students – $10.
  • The price of the Boston CityPASS for adults is $59, while the child pass costs $47. As a bonus, you enjoy discounts for purchases at related stores and for a repeated visit to the Skywalk.

2.  Avoid long ticket lines

The Boston City Pass comes in especially handy when you visit the Aquarium of New England and the Observatory. As a cardholder, you avail of expedited entries to these attractions.

3.  Accessibility if you need it

  • The Aquarium in Boston is a fully wheelchair-accessible facility. Service dogs are also welcome to the aquarium. The IMAX Theater features seating suitable for people with limited mobility.
  • Navigate through the Science Museum by wheelchairs via escalators and elevators. You can borrow adult-sized wheelchairs on a first come, first served basis. Several scooters and strollers are also available on site.
  • The Skywalk Observatory also caters to visitors with special needs. You can visit the popular Pru and listen to the commentary through a compatible audio device.
  • A wheelchair shouldn’t prevent you from taking the cruise with Boston Harbor Cruises. Ramps and restrooms are suitable for people with disability issues, albeit some decks may be inaccessible.
  • The Natural History Museum of Harvard is accessible for visitors with immobility issues. Besides wheelchairs, you can make use of scooters and personal walkers here. There are some wheelchairs you can make use of for free.

Boston pass for couples and families

Adult and child passes are the only city cards provided by Boston City Pass.  If your kid is younger than 3, it is eligible for a discounted or free entry. In this case, you will probably need to wait in line for the ticket.

Does Boston travel voucher covers special exhibitions?

The official city card of Boston is valid for some special exhibitions and events. Still, you may need to upgrade to attend others.

Suggested travel Itinerary with Boston CityPass

The Boston CityPASS has a 9-day validity period. Thus, you have plenty of time to visit all the participating attractions after your first visit.

One day pass for Boston

Plan two hours for a visit to the aquarium starting from 9 am. Depending on your priorities, take the Historic boat tour (11 am) or visit Harvard’s Natural History Museum next. A journey to the museum shouldn’t take you over 30 minutes. The cruise lasts around 1:30 hours, while up to two hours would suffice for a visit to the museum.

Next, visit the Science Museum around 1, 1:30 pm. If you wish, stay at the museum until closure (5 pm). The Skywalk Observatory is open until 8 pm (10 pm during summer). One hour is enough for a visit.

Two day Boston pass

Two days are more than you need to enjoy the top attractions of Bean Town at your leisure.

Begin your stay by the Historic Boston Cruise to familiarize yourself with the Massachusetts’ capital from the ocean. The first boat tour commences at 11 am. Or if natural history is what interests you more, visit the Museum of Natural History of Harvard during the morning. The cruise lasts 90 minutes, while three hours should do for a tour of the exhibition venue.

In the afternoon, pay a visit to the Aquarium of New England. To tour tanks and watch an IMAX movie, plan the entire afternoon (up to 5 or 6 pm, depending on the day).

Kick-off the second day by a visit to the observatory to enjoy sweeping views of Boston. An hour or a bit more should be enough. Schedule a visit to the Science Museum in the afternoon. Plan between two and three hours at least for a meaningful visit.

Three day travel plan for Boston

On your first day, take a 90-minute tour by boat of Boston, starting from 11 am, 1 pm or 3 pm. Or visit the Harvard Natural History Museum instead, which is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. For a visit to the museum, allocate a few hours at least.

Take an audio tour of the Skywalk Observatory on the second day. The viewpoint is open from 10 am to 8 pm (10 pm in summer) and one hour is usually enough for the tour. Afterward, go to the aquarium of Boston (open up to 5 or 6 pm) and plan around three hours to spend there.

Leave a visit to the Boston Museum of Science for the third day. Plan at least a few hours to spend there.

Will you try the ultimate Boston travel voucher?

Boston is a great city to explore. And you should do so in the best possible way. The city pass of Boston allows you to do so while taking advantage of big discounts and priority admissions to the most popular attractions. The card’s benefits make it a worthy investment, do you agree?

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