Top Cruises from San Francisco in 2019

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Mexican Riviera by Princess Cruises visiting Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas

Mexican Riviera is an attractive coastline of northwestern Mexico, abounding with lush vegetation, picturesque resorts and lagoons. It is a vastness featuring sandy beaches bathed by the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, some of which stand in the shadows of mountains. So join us on the cruise to discover the unparalleled beauty of the Mexican Riviera.

Cruise dates

The Mexican Riviera cruise by Princess Cruises is available on 20 March, 23 September, 3 October and 18 December 2019.

How much does it cost?

  • 20 March 2019 – from $AUD 1,409 to $AUD 2,419 per person
  • 23 September 2019 – from $AUD 1,639 to $AUD 2,759 per person
  • 3 October 2019 – from $AUD 1,639 to $AUD 2,759 per person
  • 18 December 2019 – from $AUD 2,389 to $AUD 3,889 per person

What’s included?

Basic facilities and amenities at guests’ disposal are rooms with beds and private bathrooms, dining and drinks, such as water, tea and coffee. Young travelers have access to the Kids Club, while adults benefit from the majority of available onboard entertainment.


  • 20 March/23 September/3 October – San Francisco
  • 24 March/27 September/7 October – Puerto Vallarta
  • 25 March/28 September/8 October – Manzanillo
  • 26 March/29 September/9 October – Mazatlan
  • 27 March/30 September/10 October – Cabo San Lucas
  • 30 March/3 October/13 October – San Francisco


  • 18 December – San Francisco
  • 21 December – Cabo San Lucas
  • 22 December – Mazatlan
  • 23 December – Manzanillo
  • 24 December – Puerto Vallarta
  • 28 December – San Francisco

Hawaiian Islands by Princes Cruises visiting Hilo, Honolulu, Kauai, Maui and Ensenada

The Hawaiian Islands cruise by Princess Cruises takes you to splendid islands of Hawaii and Ensenada, a charming port city in Mexico. After a few-day cruise, you will experience the beauty of Hawaiian nature, beaches and mountains, and enjoy premium shopping. Afterward, we continue to Ensenada, where you are likely to see elephant seals and great white sharks.

Cruise dates

The Hawaiian Islands cruises organized by Princes Cruises depart the San Francisco port on 6 April, 21 April, 3 November, 18 November, 3 December and 28 December 2019.

How much does it cost?

  • 6 April – from $AUD 2,279 to $AUD 4,279 per person
  • 21 April – from $AUD 2,259 to $AUD 4,309 per person
  • 3 November – from $AUD 2,449 to $AUD 4,699 per person
  • 18 November – from $AUD 2,319 to $AUD 4,569 per person
  • 3 December – from $AUD 2,319 to $AUD 4,569 per person
  • 28 December – from $AUD 2,819 to $5,569 per person

What’s included?

Basic facilities included in the price of the cruise are a private room with a bed and bathroom, basic drinks (water, coffee and tea) and dining. Complimentary amenities are the Kids Club and the majority of onboard entertainment.


  • 6 April/3 November/18 November/28 December – San Francisco
  • 11 April/8 November/23 November/2 January – Hilo
  • 12 April/9 November/24 November/3 January – Honolulu
  • 13 April/10 November/25 November/4 January – Kauai
  • 14 April/11 November/26 November/5 January – Maui
  • 19 April/16 November/1 December/10 January – Ensenada
  • 21 April/18 November/3 December/12 January – San Francisco


  • 21 April – San Francisco
  • 26 April – Maui
  • 27 April – Hilo
  • 28 April – Honolulu
  • 29 April – Kauai
  • 4 May – Ensenada
  • 6 May – San Francisco


  • 3 December – San Francisco
  • 8 December – Honolulu
  • 9 December – Kauai
  • 10 December – Maui
  • 11 December – Hilo
  • 16 December – Ensenada
  • 18 December – San Francisco

Classic California Coast by Princes Cruises visiting Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego and Ensenada

The seaside of California is one of the most scenic destinations in the world, with high mountains, popular beaches and modern cities lining its coastline. Many travelers include California road trips in their bucket lists as the highlight of their honeymoon or vacation. On this cruise, you will appreciate the beauty of the region from the sea, which offers a better perspective than traveling by land does.

Cruise dates

The Classic California Coast cruises by Princes Cruises take place on 30 March and 27 October 2019.

How much does it cost?

  • 30 March – from $AUD 1,039 to $AUD 1,809 per person
  • 27 October – from $AUD 1,249 to $AUD 2,059 per person

What’s included?

The price of the cruise covers a cabin with a private bathroom, dining and basic drinks such as water, tea and coffee. Onboard entertainment and access to the Kids Club for young passengers are also included.


  • 30 March/27 October – San Francisco
  • 1 April/29 October – Santa Barbara
  • 2 April/30 October – Los Angeles
  • 3 April/31 October – San Diego
  • 4 April/1 November – Ensenada
  • 6 April/3 November – San Francisco

Where do cruise ships depart from San Francisco?

The seaport of San Francisco is next to the downtown area, within walking distance from the Central Financial District. Pier 27, opened several years ago, is the main cruise terminal, offering views of the San Francisco downtown, bay and the world-famous Bay Bridge through floor-to-ceiling windows. Visitors wishing to immerse themselves in history before the cruise ship departs can do so at Pier 35. From there, enjoy panoramic views of the Alcatraz and Treasure Island, and take a walk along Fisherman’s Wharf. Next to the wharf, you can see a colony of sea lions that live at the Pier 39. Taking a tour of the nearby Aquarium by the Bay and discovering diverse marine life that inhabits seas and oceans is one of the top activities in San Francisco you can enjoy at the port.

Cruise deals from San Francisco

In life, quick action often means benefits and savings, which is the case with Mexican Riviera and Classic California Coast cruises departing from San Francisco. If you book the Mexican Riviera cruise scheduled on 20 March 2019, you save hundreds, if not thousands, of Dollars compared to the rest of the year. The same holds true for the Classic California Coast cruise, which takes place on 30 March.

Short cruises from San Francisco

While waiting for your cruise adventure, use the opportunity and take part in some short cruises departing from the San Francisco seaport. Explore the nearby Alcatraz, a high-security prison that ceased to exist as such decades ago. Taking a cruise of San Francisco Bay allows you to enjoy different perspectives on the city skyline and its iconic attractions, such as the Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge.

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