San Francisco City Pass: Your All-Access Card to Save Time and Money in San Francisco

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San Francisco, a sprawling city occupying a tip of a large peninsula, is as attractiv  e a destination as it gets. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of Sierra Nevada in California, the USA, it offers excellent sightseeing. While getting around, you will climb many of SF’s hills and change various microclimates. You may also find dense fog at the base of the hill, while the sun warms its top to the point that you need refreshment.

Besides its undulating layout, the Fog City is famous for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Around 2.7km (1.7mi) long, it offers spectacular views of the city, Pacific, San Francisco Bay and distant hills. In the city, many houses built during the Victorian times feature exceptional designs. Boat tours allow you to see the city’s waterfront, pass under the Golden Gate Bridge and see the famous Alcatraz.

Still, it isn’t everything about sightseeing in San Francisco. The city has most bars and restaurants per capita in the entire USA. Also, the California Academy of Sciences, Exploratorium, Aquarium and the Museum of Modern Art are must-see attractions. That’s exactly where the San Francisco CityPASS steps in to help you save money and time.

What is CityPASS

The City Pass is a concept entitling you to visit top attractions of the leading USA cities while enjoying various benefits. Being aware of how traveling may empty traveler’s pockets, the company devised a plan to help you see more while spending less. More so, the CityPASS allows you to skip lines at certain attractions. Many travel-related businesses acknowledge the idea, and today we have many American cities taking part in the concept. Besides San Francisco, some of them are Chicago, Seattle, New York, Denver and Atlanta.

How to buy CityPass for San Francisco


  • San Francisco adult city pass (12+) – $89
  • San Francisco child city pass (5-11) – $69

Discount and coupons for San Francisco CityPass

The price of the official city pass of San Francisco grants discounts of around 50% compared to regular prices. Thus, additional discounts aren’t possible. Coupons are also unavailable for the SF city card.

San Francisco CityPass Groupon

Groupons aren’t available for the City Pass of San Francisco.

Where to buy San Francisco CityPass

The San Francisco city pass is available for purchase online, at participating attractions and at specified info centers. For many reasons, securing your discount card is the most convenient via the official website.

Once you select the type and quantity, the interface transfers you to delivery and payment options. You can pay for the city pass via PayPal, Amazon Pay or by any of the available credit cards. Delivery via e-mail includes a voucher that you print and present at the point of interest you first visit. The next step is exchanging the voucher for the booklet. Or you can order delivery of the booklet instead, which involves extra costs.

Your VIP All Access to Major San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco CityPASS combines top attractions and services of the Fog City. With it, you can ride popular cable cars and other specified means of transportation of the Muni system. The participating attractions are the California Academy of Sciences, Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco Modern Art Museum and the Exploratorium. Please note that you can visit either the Exploratorium or the Modern Art Museum. The cruise of the SF Bay and around the Alcatraz or a speed boat ride is another benefit of the city card. Finally, you can exchange the boat tour for a visit to the famous prison   .

Aquarium of the Bay

Being home to a wide range of aquatic species, the San Francisco Aquarium is a top attraction of Frisco. While walking its tunnels, you will see sharks, rays, octopuses and many other residents of the Pacific. Besides examining, you can get a chance to touch some of them.

California Academy of Sciences

The Sciences Academy allows you to take a look into the history of nature, humanity, the universe and much else. One of the academy’s highlights is a large aquarium, but don’t overlook a rainforest, Planetarium and the Museum of Natural History.


The Exploratorium is an educational and entertaining facility popular among people of all ages. With hands-on-exhibits and various experiments, you learn about the world that surrounds us in a proactive way. Among other things, you’ll discover how we receive visual and sound information.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The SFMOMA is one of the leading modern art museums in the world. The highlight of its vast collection is the 20th-century American art. Among other showpieces, you will examine paintings, sculpture and multimedia content.

3-Day Cable Car and Muni Bus Passport

The passport allows you to make use of legendary cable cars, buses and trolleys of San Francisco. The validity period is three days after the first use.

Tram (Street car) in San Francisco City Streets

Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise Adventure

As you sail in the Bay of SF, you will admire the city skyline, listen to the commentary and get a close-up view of the Alcatraz. Have a camera at the ready to take photos of sea lions.


A visit to the Alcatraz takes you over 50 years in the past, revealing how inmates of the prison fared here. Learn what made Alcatraz the most secure maximum-security prison in the USA back then.

Top 3 reasons to get a San Francisco CityPass

The City Pass of San Francisco allows you to enjoy convenient benefits as you explore the city.

1.  Saving money and time while visiting San Francisco

Compare the regular prices of participating attractions and services with the price of the San Francisco card:

  • The fare of a one-way ride on the San Francisco cable car is $7. The price of the single bus ride is $2.5.
  • The California Academy of Sciences ticket prices: adult (18-64) ticket – $40; senior (65+), youth (12-17) and student (18+ with the ID) tickets – $35; child (4-11) ticket – $30.
  • Escape from the Rock cruise fares: adult (19-64) ticket – $39; senior (65+) and junior (12-18) tickets – $31; child (5-11) ticket – $26.
  • The Aquarium of the Bay admission fees: adult (13-64) ticket – $27.5; senior (65+) ticket – $22.5; child (4-12) ticket – $17.5; family (2 adults and 2 children) ticket – $75.
  • The Exploratorium ticket prices: adult (18-64) ticket – $30; senior (65+), youth (13-17) and student tickets – $25; children (4-12) ticket – $20.
  • The SFMOMA entry price: adult (25-64) ticket – $25; senior (65+) ticket – $22; young adult (19-24) ticket – $19.
  • The Alcatraz Day Tour prices: adult (18-61) and junior (12-17) tickets – $38.4; senior (62+) ticket – $36; child (5-11) ticket – $23.5; family (2 adults and 2 children) ticket – $116.
  • The price of the city pass of San Francisco: adult (12+) pass – $89; child (5-11) pass – $69.

2.  Avoid long ticket lines

The SF city card entitles you to a priority entry to the California Academy of Sciences. To enjoy the privilege, present the booklet at the admission gate.

3.  Accessibility if you need it

  • Buses and streetcars of the city of SF are wheelchair accessible. Cable cars don’t have convenient access for people with disabilities. But, accommodating options do exist onboard cable cars.
  • The Sciences Academy of California is accessible for visitors suffering from disability issues. Suitable restrooms are available on site. Service dogs are free to enter except to several specified sections.
  • Except for speedboats that operate from May to October, all other Blue & Gold vessels are wheelchair accessible. Note, however, that people with immobility issues can access only the enclosed main deck. Restrooms are suitable for disabled visitors to use.
  • The Aquarium caters to visitors suffering from immobility issues. Most of the facility is wheelchair accessible. If it isn’t convenient for you to bring a wheelchair to the aquarium, you can borrow one on a first come, first served basis. Service dogs may enter the premises.
  • The Exploratorium is another wheelchair-friendly facility. Visitors with disability issues can navigate through exhibition places and restroom facilities with ease. Bring your service animal and borrow the wheelchair on site.
  • People with disabilities can navigate through the Modern Art Museum. Dogs assisting disabled visitors are welcome to the SFMOMA.
  • Boats running to Alcatraz are accessible for people suffering from immobility. The same applies to the island.

San Francisco pass for couples and families

The SF CityPASS doesn’t issue passes for families and couples. Children younger than 5 have free or discounted entry to attractions covered by the discount card. However, you may need to stand in line to obtain the free or discounted ticket for your little one.

Does San Francisco travel voucher covers special exhibitions?

While the San Francisco City Pass covers some special exhibitions, you may need to pay a surcharge to attend others. You can upgrade when visiting the corresponding attraction.

Suggested travel Itinerary with San Francisco CityPass

Visiting top attractions of San Francisco requires time since every point of interest features many to see or do. Thus, spending at least two days in SF would be great.

One day pass for San Francisco

Begin the day tour by visiting the California Academy of Sciences (9:30 am). Take the bus 91 around 11:30 am, alight at Columbus Ave & Bay St and walk to the Aquarium of the Bay (Pier 39, around an hour in total). Approx. 1:30 hours should suffice for a visit. Next, take a short walk to Pier 17, the location of the Exploratorium, around 2 pm. Or combine F streetcar and N-OWL bus to reach the SFMOMA (around 30 minutes). Both attractions usually operate until 5 pm. Or take the Escape from the Rock boat tour at 3:45 pm at Pier 39.

Two day San Francisco pass

At 11 am on the first day, get an overview of the Fog City on a boat tour (Pier 39). Or schedule the Alcatraz tour at 9:30 am (Pier 33). Around 1 pm, pay a visit to the SF Aquarium. In general, plan around two hours to explore its tunnels and attend performances.

On the following day, start visiting the Sciences Academy around 10 am. At 1 pm, take the N-OWL line to reach the Modern Art Museum. Or proceed to the Market St & Steuart St and take a short walk to the Exploratorium (Pier 17) from there. Plan three hours for a visit to either attraction.

Three day travel plan for San Francisco

On the first day, take a 1:30-hour boat tour (Pier 39) at 11 am or 3:45 pm. Or visit the Alcatraz (around 2:30 hours) from Pier 33. Departures take place between 9:10 am and 1:35 pm.

On the following day, tour the California Academy of Sciences in the morning, starting from 9:30 am. Allocate three or more hours for a visit. During the early afternoon, take the N-OWL bus to access the SFMOMA (around an hour) or the Exploratorium (Pier 17, approx. 1:15 hours). Three hours should suffice for either attraction.

On the last day, visit the San Francisco Aquarium (Pier 39). Around two hours would do for a visit.

Will you try the ultimate San Francisco travel voucher?

The city of San Francisco offers a great experience while you visit its attractions and commute between them. And enjoying the benefits is affordable and simple with the SF City Pass. Many experienced travelers agree on that. Will you give yourself a chance to be among them?

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